Tuesday Night Book Club discusses several works

Published 7:41 pm Monday, March 16, 2009

The Tuesday Night Book Club at the home of Mae Hunnicutt and Nancy Rogers on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.

Those in attendance were Jeannette Frost, Jean Gilmore, Anne Glass, Elner Glass, Gloria Hollis, Brenda Jones, Doris Jones, Karen Jones, Ned Lowery, Carol Lowery, Patsy Schmith and Judy Williams.

At the January meeting, we had several books recommended. So we allowed each member to read a book of their choosing. My review for February is on the book that I read “Betrayed — The Conspiracy to Divide Jerusalem” by Mike Evans.

Evans is not a novice on the world stage in his efforts on behalf of helping the little country of Israel. He is an award-winning journalist who has served as a consultant to many Middle Eastern leaders as well as our own government. He is the author of a number of books dealing with the subject of Israel about which he is passionate regarding its past, present and future. Supporting his own personal experiences and insights, he refers readers to the New International Version of the Bible for confirmation by quoting the book, chapter and verse. He tells you in succinct words how the welfare and future of our country is intertwined with that of Israel. This is not his personal belief alone. The Bible supports his words.

I won’t say that you will enjoy reading this book, but I promise you unequivocally that you will be glad you read it. I also believe that it will be a learning experience for most of you. It was for me.

One of the great things about “Betrayed” is that you don’t have to read chapter after chapter in order to build up background for understanding what you are reading. From the first page to the very last one, I was informed, fascinated, enthralled, saddened, horrified and frightened by the realization that I was reading history past, present and future.

It behooves each one of us to know that the Jews are God’s chosen people and he has promised to bless them and others who bless Israel by supporting the Jewish people, and to curse those who fail to meet this stated obligation. (Gen. 12:3)

Psalm 121:4 tells us that God never sleeps while watching over Jerusalem. Since God has ordained Israel and the Jewish people worthy of his preservation, should we not give them our blessing and support as well? Consider this statement by Evans: “Throughout history some 23 nations that lifted a hand against Israel have ceased to exist.”

He also points out that no other nation or people have been so persecuted by targeted destruction as the Jews. The very fact that there is a Jewish nation attests to God’s protection of his chosen ones.

I was surprised and saddened to learn that my country has not always supported Israel unilaterally. According to Evans, in most cases when American presidents have back Israel, during, before or after wars, our leaders have demanded concessions of land from Israel in return for support given to them. This tiny blood-soaked land has little real estate to spare. I think that you will be shocked to learn who some of these presidents have been in our lifetimes. Evans gives you names, dates and circumstances regarding concessions. In 1992, President Bill Clinton stated in writing, “I recognize Jerusalem as an undivided city and the eternal capital of Israel.” In 1995, Clinton changed his mind.

Why are we concerned, or how does forcing Israel to give up land affect us? Because the Jews have a God-given inalienable right to possess the land of Israel. The people were forbidden to sell the land permanently. God said they were only tenants.

“Giving away any of the land violates the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and puts the nation of Israel outside of God’s covenant blessing.”

Have our Christian leaders not read this before? Or do they think God jests? I don’t think so.

When I ready that three Biblical conditions had to be met before the coming of the Messiah and that two of them were already in place, my interest knew no bounds. They are:

a homeland set aside for a Jewish nation. That materialized in 1948.

Jews had to return to their home. The Jews flocked home in such numbers that they sometimes had to wait for housing. Jews are place oriented people. They love their tiny country with a devotion amounting to reverence.

The third outstanding condition yet to be met in great detail. This condition to be met is the building of a third temple on the Temple Mount by the Jews.

Therein lies the problem. The most recognizable landmark in Jerusalem, seen from almost every vantage point is the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim mosque. It sits squarely on top of the Temple Mount, but the Dome of the Rock sits on that strategic summit. Solomon’s temple is the one that existed during the lifetime of Jesus and where he was found by his parents teaching in the temple.

All that remains of Solomon’s Temple today is the Wailing Wall. Jews call it the Western Wall because it formed the foundation for the western wall of the temple.

In preparation for rebuilding the temple, the Jerusalem Jews are busy even now researching and building furnishings for their yet to be built temple. They have a building called the Temple Institute in Jerusalem where they are stockpiling supplies and items for the day when they are needed.

There is so much more pertinent information contained in this book that I can’t begin to condense it down, but I strongly suggest you read it all.