Event draws muzzleloading enthusiasts

Published 7:21 pm Monday, March 16, 2009

Shooters from as far away as Indiana and Missouri were in Clanton on March 14 to participate in the Alabama National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Shotgun Territorial held at a private shooting range off Highway 22 West.

Larry Reynolds, one of the organizers for the event, said 19 shooters participated in the three-day event that began March 12. The shoot included three classifications, including Skeet Championship, Trap Championship and Ladies Trap Championship.

While the shoot was designed for muzzleloading shotguns, a special vintage gun match was held for shooters with guns with hammers and conventional shells.

Loading Rifle Association. Only members of NMLRA or the National Rifle Association can shoot at the events.

Saturday, shooters broke clay targets in spite of the steady drizzle of rain. The score of each shooter was tabulated throughout the day as he or she was on the firing line. Awards were given to the shooters with the best score.

Reynolds said shooting tournaments are held throughout the country by the NMLRA, and shooters travel to more than one event each year. Muzzleloading events are not fast-paced because shooters have to reload powder and shot for each barrel after every two shots.

Reynolds said a person interested in getting into muzzleloading can do so for about $1,000.

“A fair muzzleloader will cost between $500 and $800, and you will need to purchase another $200 in powder, shot and various other shooting items,” he said.

The next NMLRA shoot in Clanton is scheduled for October.