Don’t change it

Published 10:40 pm Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does it bother you that Alabama gives all of its electoral votes to the winner of the state’s presidential election no matter how close it is? It apparently does bother some Alabama lawmakers.

The House Constitution and Elections Committee approved a bill Wednesday to allocate Alabama’s presidential electors based on the proportion of the popular vote rather than the current winner-take-all system. The bill now goes to the House for a vote.

This bill would allow presidential candidates to feel that every vote in our state was important because it could be the difference between getting another electoral vote or not. In reality, though, it would lessen our state’s impact on the national election because we could only give six or maybe seven votes to the winner while the loser would still get two or three votes.

If we’re going to go to a popular vote-based system, the Electoral College should be abolished altogether, which might not be a bad idea. However, until then, winner-take-all is probably better for our state.