Officers deserve praise for bust

Published 10:07 pm Saturday, March 7, 2009

The narcotics officers with the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department Special Operations Division that had a hand in the arrest of 15 people on drug charges over the last two weeks deserve commendation.

The project also resulted in at least 12 methamphetamine labs being shut down across the county. Seven of the labs were discovered on a two-mile stretch of County Road 13, or Yellowleaf Road.

Narcotics agent Champ Benson said officers have seen an increase in the number of meth labs over the last few months, so it’s good to see as many labs, meth producers and meth dealers put out of business as possible.

The haunted looks on the faces of those arrested are disturbing, and a few of them appear very young.

Thanks again to the Special Ops Division, and we wish them continued success in their fight against this devastating drug.