Bus accident results in changes

Published 10:15 pm Saturday, March 7, 2009

Changes will be coming at Verbena and on school buses countywide in the wake of Thursday’s bus accident, according to Chilton County School Superintendent Keith Moore.

One thing in particular is to make sure bus drivers are on the bus when students are on the bus.

“From now on, a school driver is going to be on the bus when any children are on it, regardless of whether the bus is on or not,” Moore said.

School bus drivers for the Board of Education are required to pass courses set up by the state board of education. In addition to that, the county’s school transportation department has set a list of guidelines that each school bus driver must follow. Moore didn’t say what those rules are because he didn’t have a copy of those guidelines since he was out of the office Friday.

Moore also said they are reviewing those policies to see if they need to make any changes.

Also, the state board of education’s transportation department will be at Verbena High School tomorrow to evaluate the school’s plan for student arrival and dismissal. After they make their assessment, the transportation department will make recommendations to Moore, transportation supervisor Joe Dennis and the board of education.

Although he doesn’t know what options will be reviewed, Moore said they are looking at everything from moving the buses to a different location or changing the way school is dismissed.

“We’re going to look at anything we can do to improve safety so that nothing like this happens again,” Moore said.