Thorsby Police Chief to retire May 1

Published 9:05 pm Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thorsby Police Chief Ed Prady has announced at Monday night’s council meeting that he will be resigning effective May 1.

Prady has been with the Thorsby Police Department since 1990. Because of the announcement, the Thorsby Town Council is considering their options on who may be the new police chief.

Until then, Prady wants to see if the town will be able to change its dog ordinance. He submitted a copy of Jemison’s animal control ordinance — an ordinance that Prady likes more than Thorsby’s current law.

One of the things Prady likes is the limitation it puts on animals.

“There are limitations for just about any pets including cats,” Prady said. “It’s much more rigid than ours.”

The council did not take any action Monday night, but they are going to study the ordinance and possibly adopt it at a later time.

Also, Prady thinks the new animal control officer has worked well for the town. Bobby Tucker is the animal control officer for Thorsby. Tucker, who holds the same post in Jemison, only comes to Thorsby when the town calls him.

“He has his own equipment, and unless he’s tied up in Jemison, he can come almost immediately,” Prady said.

In other business, the council:

purchased a new Ph meter for the water wells for $2,221.95.

considered buying an enclosed trailer for the water department to put all of their equipment for repairing leaks. Superintendent Terry Jackson said they could pull the trailer behind their truck and cut down on the number of trips back and forth to the town shop.

heard from Fire Chief Lee Gunn about the fire department’s school Currently, 11 students are enrolled in the class.

heard from Council member Tara Jewell about the town’s Internet fees. She reported that the town can save money by switching from TriDigital to CenturyTel. No action has been taken as of yet.

adopted a new ordinance to get in line with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s latest flood plain regulations.