Thorsby gives raise to full-time employees

Published 11:04 pm Monday, March 2, 2009

The Town of Thorsby has adopted a new pay scale for its full-time employees that will allow most of them to get a raise.

In addition to passing a new pay raise, the Town Council has unanimously approved a pay-per-skill plan that will reward employees for earning additional certifications.

While the council looked at adopting a similar pay scale for all employees including part-time employees, the council felt it was important to do something for the full time employees first.

“I think we need to concentrate on keeping our full time employees,” Council member Neil Benson said.

The increase was not the same for all full time employees across the board, but the overall cost will increase at least 6.75 percent.

One area in particular the council felt strongly about was increasing the pay for its full time police officers. The town’s officers make less than other departments in the county.

“This will get us a little closer to other police departments in the county,” Council member Jean Nelson said.

Mayor Dearl Hilyer said new employees will not make similar wages to those who have been working with the town for a longer period of time unless they have the proper certifications required for the full salary.

The council may consider another pay scale adjustment that could raise other salaries higher, but they may wait until later to see if the town’s financial situation improves.