Threadgill enjoys small town life in Maplesville

Published 5:34 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jim Threadgill moved to Chilton County from Jones seven years ago.

He moved to Maplesville because he always lived in a small community and since he can ride his bike to almost anywhere in Maplesville, that is where he chose to build his home.

Threadgill and his wife, Caroline, built their own home and have three children, Tony, Russel and Boone

Although he is retired now Threadgill still tries to do what he can around town to help including being part of the Maplesville Town Council. This is his first year on the council and he said that he joined to give his opinion and advice about things to do to help Maplesville.

“I love living here and I want to know that I did what I could to help this little town. Since I am retired and I don’t have a lot else to do I can spend time working on things like research and stuff,” he said.

He worked for 50 years with Bush Hog and was 69 years old before he retired. Now he spends his extra time with his family and out on his patio reading books. He also makes a trip to Jones Baptist Church to attend Sunday service at his old church.