Thomas returns home to county

Published 5:19 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ann Thomas has been volunteering for many years at the Chilton Medical Center where she is president of the “Pink Ladies,” women who assist people visiting the hospital as well as visit with the patients who are in the hospital.

She started out here in Chilton County 71 years ago. She was led to go to school far away in New York City where she went to school and worked for 25 years at a mental heath hospital.

“I worked there for many years and really enjoyed the work that we did and the help that we were able to give to the patients,” she said.

She takes part in Center of Humanity for the Revitalization of Community and Home (CHURCH) and has worked for many years in Clanton taking part in the C.I.T.Y. program and Community Actions program where she worked for 25 years.

She is the mother of one daughter, Tshiluba Dancy and one deseased son Jerinald Williams who died in the Navy in 1989. She has two grand children and two great grandchildren.

“I really enjoy being able to help the public and I am a hard, dedicated, committed worker as well as a loving person. I hope that through my years of service I have helped people and hope to continue helping people,” she said.