Moore feels residents’ pain

Published 6:35 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

When residents complain to the Chilton County Commission about the poor quality of roads in the county, Greg Moore can feel their pain. Literally.

Moore, who took a seat on the commission in November 2008, has driven a school bus for eight years.

“When you drive a school bus on a dirt road, it beats you to death,” Moore said.

That experience, in part, led Moore to run for the commission seat, his first public service position.

“I just wanted to help,” Moore said.

Moore and his wife, Gail, have one son, Spencer, who graduated from Verbena High School in 2008.

Moore said the most important issue facing the commission is a lack of funds, which will be needed, of course, to make life a little easier for school bus drivers—and everyone else in the county.