Latham enjoys helping community

Published 5:37 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aubrey Latham has been a resident in Maplesville for 51 years. He works at Auto Collision where he is an auto body repair technician. He is also a volunteer fire fighter with the Maplesville Fire Department.

He said that he really enjoys getting to help out the community by being part of the Maplesville Town Council as well as the fire department.

“I have gotten to do a lot of things to help people and I really enjoy doing things that might end up changing lives. With the council I get to help make decisions about things that happen in our town and with the fire department I often get to help on wrecks and medical calls where what we do can save someone’s life,” he said.

Latham is a graduate of Maplesville High School and Chilton County Vocational Tech. He spends his spare time wood working or remodeling.

“I really love working with my hands hence the fact I have the job that I have. Here I can work with my hands while I help out other people by fixing their cars,” he said.

Latham is currently not married but is engaged and is to married within the next year.