Daugherty wants to be involved with education

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Howard Daugherty is a operation lineman for Alabama Power and a member of the Chilton County Board of Education. He has been part of the Chilton County family for 37 years. He is the husband of Patricia “Pat” Daugherty. Together they have three children and two grandchildren.

He said that for several years he thought about becoming a public servant because he wanted to be part of the decision making when it came to the public schools in the county.

“I wanted to be able to put my input in about things that were right and wrong about the school system,” he said.

He has helped the board through many tough years though he said this year would be one of the harder years with the proration the council is having to face.

With his spare time he likes to go fly fishing and he is passionate about collecting old coins as well as World War II materials.

“I really love collecting World War II items. My family knows how much of a buff I am and my kids will even walk in if Im watching one of my documentaries and say, ‘Oh, you’re watching this again,’” he said.