Bearden wants to see growth

Published 5:34 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mike Bearden has lived in the Maplesville community for 48 years. He currently works at Terry’s Small Engine in Maplesville.

His wife is Pam Bearden and together they have a daughter, Anna Bearden.

Although the council is having difficulties financially, Bearden is hoping to help all that he can to fix the problems including the low tax revenues.

“One thing that we are really trying to concentrate on right now is bringing some new business into Maplesville,” he said.

Bearden added that the reason he joined the Maplesville Town Council was to give him the opportunity to give back to his community. Since he lives and works in Maplesville he can see some of the difficulties that the people face and he has a better under standing of what they need and what they are looking for.

“I like being able to help and being on the council gives me that opportunity. Being in the loop of things helps me to change things in the community that people want to change,” he said.