Agee remembers his roots

Published 6:34 pm Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bobby Agee made history when he was elected as Chilton County’s first—and only, to this point—black commissioner.

Agee credits his decision to run for the position in 1988 to an old teacher at the Chilton County Training School, “Chief” John T. Sims, who was the first black member of the Clanton City Council.

“He was instrumental in urging me to run,” Agee said. “He thought I had a good chance of being elected.”

Agee was elected that year, which was the first the county used the seven-vote cumulative voting system, and has been elected every time he’s ran since. Agee was elected in November to serve his sixth consecutive term.

To show his appreciation, Agee named one of the parlors in his funeral home in honor of Sims, who taught Agee vocational agriculture.

Agee, originally from Maplesville, still owns and operates the funeral home he opened in 1975. When he’s not there, Agee spends his time trying to help the commission find new sources of revenue and preparing for the future.

“We need to have the infrastructure in place to be able to handle the growth when it gets here,” Agee said.