Riley looking at big picture

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gov. Bob Riley will likely not accept a portion of the federal stimulus package that would extend unemployment benefits to many low-income and part-time workers.

The governor reasoned that accepting the $100 million could lead to higher taxes on businesses, thereby placing a heavier burden on the state to pay workers. In effect, business would then have less money to pay salaries, which could mean a reduction in the number of jobs available in the state.

While advocates of change support here-and-now action, which would help many Alabamians in today’s troubled economy, Riley is saying that might not be the answer in the long run when the federal money runs out.

Even if you disagree with Riley, it is good that he is looking at the big picture instead of just blindly accepting the first proposed solution that comes along.

Let’s just hope the governor has explored every option for the state and isn’t just following political lines.