It’s time for Progress

Published 1:40 am Sunday, February 22, 2009

I hope you are planning to spend some time this coming weekend reading through The Clanton Advertiser’s annual Progress Edition that will be published Friday.

The multi-section edition will be filled with stories about people, places, events and companies that make Chilton County a unique place to live for all of us. Our entire staff has been working several months to bring the special edition to you.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading about the many people who serve us as well as stories about many people who simply make Chilton County special just because they live here.

This year the editorial staff has created a pictorial look back at 2008. It is filled with pictures of people and events that made news in 2008. It is fun and I believe you will enjoy the unique look back through the lens of The Advertiser’s camera.

A highlight of the special edition every year is the recognition of The Clanton Advertiser’s Citizen of the Year. Each year the citizen of the year committee comprised of former citizens of the year selects a person to be recognized for his or her work and dedication to the people of Chilton County.

Selected by the independent committee, citizens of the year in past years include Kenneth Moates, Bobby Martin, Curtis Smith, Jimmy Harrison Jr., Mickey Bates and Gay West. This year’s selection will be announced on the front page of Friday’s special edition.

Smaller than previous editions due to the current condition of the area’s economy, this year’s Progress Edition is still filled with stories about the life and times of people in Chilton County. I’ve had the opportunity to read many of the stories in the edition and know they will help boost your belief in our county and in the people who are working hard every day to improve it.

As you thumb through the many pages of the edition, please make sure to read all the advertisements of those who made the edition possible. The companies, individuals, organizations and industries are proud of our county and share their belief in its people by helping to make the annual report possible.