Inspiring students to succeed

Published 9:37 pm Friday, February 20, 2009

Chilton County High School held an assembly Thursday morning for its annual Black History Month program.

Principal Greg DeJarnett invited one of his former students, Leroy Nix, to speak to the student body.

Nix inspired the students to achieve their goals and to enjoy this time of their lives because it will never come again. He also gave the students advice on how to achieve their goals.

Nix graduated from Isabella High School, and he is a cum laude graduate of the University of Montevallo. He has worked in Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office from 2003 to 2006. He is currently finishing up his law degree at the University of Alabama.

DeJarnett was glad to be able to invite Nix to speak to the students.

“I’m proud of him for overcoming challenges, not making excuses and not blaming others but instead capitalizing on the opportunities presented to him,” DeJarnett said.

During the program, DeJarnett said Nix and his classmates thought DeJarnett was too tough on them when they were in school, which drew a laugh from the student body. However, Nix and others are thankful for that discipline.

“I believe in discipline,” DeJarnett said. “Through discipline, students will learn to be more responsible, and in the end, they will come out on top.”

At the end of the program, DeJarnett recognized several teachers and school personnel that had been instrumental in his high school days, all of which are still working at the school now since he has become principal.

Those individuals included the following: Linda Payne, Ricki McKee, Sheri McKee, Mary Caver, Don Dorminey, Ed Spence, Gail Williams, Becky Pierce, Pam Roy and Barbara Williams.