Class makes scarves to raise funds

Published 10:48 pm Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Clanton Middle School class is selling unique scarves made by special hands.

Denise Robinson’s special needs class has been making scarves out of kinds of yarn. Teachers Brandi Patterson and Shannon Stokes have helped Robinson with the project.

“They are learning everyday skills, and they are doing a great job,” Robinson said.

Scarf development teaches the students measurement skills, counting, teamwork, pride in developing a marketable product and sales/money management. The class is selling the scarves for $10 a piece.

The scarves are on sale at the school each day. On Feb. 24, the items will also be on sale during Clanton Middle School’s first home baseball game. They will also return to the ballpark for the rivalry game with Jemison on March 5.

Money raised from the class will be used to help with the following:

Special Olympics for costumes, props, etc.

Cooking activities and groceries.

New life skills curriculum, which consists of work boxes — boxes that contain different skill areas including sorting, assembly, filing, matching and packaging.

Survival signs, which are teaching signs encountered on a daily basis.

The students have available anything from county school colors to designs they created themselves. Robinson said they might even do an Auburn scarf though Alabama is her team of preference. The class is actually waiting on special yarn from Turkey that is the correct shade of crimson for an Alabama scarf.

The class is also selling breast cancer awareness scarves that are pink and white. Robinson said they would take orders if someone would like to have a special made scarf.

“We’re still taking orders,” she said.