Maplesville council cuts sick leave, vacation for part-time employees

Published 8:41 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Part-time workers in Maplesville will not be allowed to have sick and vacation leave anymore.

The Maplesville Town Council decided to stop paying the leave time for all employees who work less than 32 hours.

Also, garbage workers will be paid a flat $40 for every garbage collection in the town no matter how long it takes.

“It will be the same whether it takes one and a half hours or six and a half hours,” Mayor Kurt Wallace said.

Another personnel matter involved the senior citizen manager/janitor. The council allowed her to work at least 32 hours up to $10 per hour. That top salary would increase when the council gives cost of living raises.

The council also decided to make emergency plumbing replacement to the old train depot. Last week, the town experienced major plumbing problems in the building — so much so that the town couldn’t allow it to be used for an event last week.

Streets and maintenance supervisor Joel Atchison said the plumbing was not up to code and needed to be replaced before any events could be held at the depot. He talked with several plumbers and got bids on the project.

The council chose to award the project to one of the two the lowest bidders depending on who can start the project quicker.

Another issue that has been a pain in the side of the council has been the recent purchase of a bucket truck. Wallace said the council agreed to pay $5,000 for the truck, and it has never been used on the road because numerous repairs are needed to make it usable for the road.

Therefore, the council decided to fix the truck enough to make it sellable, declare it surplus and accept bids for purchasing the truck. In the motion, the council is retaining the right to reject any bids that do not meet their requirements.

The town will spend up to $150 to have the town’s mosquito truck inspected to see what repairs are needed.

Motions made at the last council meeting that would have turned down grants for the Train Depot restoration and sidewalk/street lighting were rescinded by the council.