Be careful at dangerous intersection

Published 1:19 am Friday, February 6, 2009

Another wreck has happened at a dangerous intersection in Clanton. This dangerous intersection is at Highway 31 and Temple Road. There have been numerous wrecks at this place.

What makes it so bad is that three of the Clanton schools are located on Temple Road, and there is plenty of school traffic that causes trouble each day. Some people traveling South on Highway 31 are trying to turn left onto Temple Road. Others are trying to turn left from Temple Road. Some have to wait a long time and then rush out in front of traffic so they can go.

The process to make changes at this intersection is difficult because Highway 31 is a state highway. Any changes must be approved by the Alabama Department of Transportation. Department officials must study the intersection and determine what needs to be done to improve safety.

The easy solution would seem to add a traffic light here. It would be a good idea, but other ideas could include adding turning lanes to the highway and making the intersection more perpendicular.

Any of these solutions would take a good bit of money, and ALDOT probably won’t have the money to implement any of these solutions in the near future.

Until something can be done to fix the problem, we must all remember to practice safety here. First of all, we shouldn’t speed through this area. If we are speeding, then we don’t have as much reaction time if someone is stopped in front of us or if someone pulls out in front of us.

Second, we need to drive with as few distractions as possible, especially on busy stretches of road like this intersection. Many drivers talk on cell phones, send text messages or just don’t watching the road closely. We must concentrate, be observant and drive defensively, especially at this intersection.

Finally, we need to make sure we buckle up.

If we begin to drive safer, we may not have as many problems at this intersection. Changes are needed here, but we must do our part to change.