It’s not all about the boys

Published 5:49 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

You know, I’m so tired of everything being done around Jemison always being for the boys athletics. For years now, I have watched as the boys get this and the boys get that, and all the while the girls are forced to come up with their own money to get anything.

Our softball field is in bad need of repair and upgrades; we need so much done down there, and it’s us parents doing it all.

Do you see anyone offering to do fundraisers for the girls? No. They have to sell doughnuts and have various fundraisers to come up with just enough money to operate every year.

It’s not just Jemison that does it; I know most of the schools in the county and other places are focused more on the boys sports and completely forget about the girls. The girls volleyball team went all the way to sub-state this year, and there was maybe 10 of us there to watch them.

Our girls work just as hard as the boys: they have practice every day after school, they have two-a-days all summer, they have strength training and conditioning. They play their hearts out in every sport, every game, no matter who is there to watch.

Yes, I also have a son that plays sports, and if half of the people that show up to watch the boys play any sport would come and support our girls, it would boost their confidence and make them feel better about all the hard work and practice they put in.

I do have to bow and take my hat off to Mr. Thompson. He has shown up and supported our girls, even traveling to away games. This is the first principal at Jemison I’ve seen support our girls this much. Sorry for the rant, but it’s been a long time coming.

I’m just tired of the girl athletes not getting near the attention the boys do.

Go Lady Panthers!

— Sebrena Holcomb, Jemison