Tax fast food to clean up county

Published 3:35 pm Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Editor,

While traveling around Chilton County during the last two weeks I have noticed how trashy this county has become. Before that statement raises someone’s blood pressure, I mean trashy in a literal sense.

I noticed more aluminum drink cans, plastic bottles, and fast food refuse than most places I have traveled. I cut the winter weeds last week. I try to cut a few hundred feet on both sides of the road. I intentionally blew the clippings to the road. It became nearly invisible with fast food trash. Some of which still had fries, burgers, tacos and chicken bones.

When I keep this section of road clear, it stays trash free. When the weeds grow a little, it seems the trash takes root also.

That got me to thinking about taxes, the lack of trash police and cleanup crews. The idea of taxing fast food restaurants for every take out order. Ten cents per order for every order. I live within 3 miles of approximately 90 percent of all fast foods restaurants in Clanton. This seems to be the main generators of the trash.

If that tax were brought to fruition by legislation and earmarked for roadside cleanup only, it might make this county nicer to look at.

I work in a city of several million people with millions of visitors every year. Yet, keeping the roads and streets trash free is a priority to entice business and tourism. So, why not here? Mentality has a lot to do with it. Apathy also. But if we all put forth a little effort, we can change our image. Otherwise, this will always be a trashy place to live.

— Steven Graves, Clanton