Student named regional winner

Published 8:48 pm Monday, February 2, 2009

Kayla Scott may not have much free time outside of school, but what time she does have on her own is spent helping people in the community.

In particular, she enjoys going to Hatley Health Care with a group of other students to visit with the residents. While they are there, she might be doing anything from playing games, coloring or talking to working out using a Richard Simmons video with the residents.

“It makes their day whenever we go there and visit with them,” Scott said. “They look forward to it because we might be the only people that might visit them that day.”

This attitude of helping and giving has allowed Scott to be a regional winner for the Bryant-Jordan Scholarship Award. Her award was given for achievement, which focuses on her work in the classroom, on the field and in the community.

Scott is the president of the school’s National Honor Society and vice-president of the Beta Club. She is also a member of the student government association, scholar’s bowl and the Cane Creek Baptist Church youth group.

She has been on the Thorsby softball team since eighth grade. She was on the volleyball team for grades eight through 10 and a member of the basketball team in 10th grade.

After she was told about being named the region winner, she was surprised especially after injuring her knee last year.

“After I tore my ACL my junior year, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get back on the field, but I’m going to get the chance to play my senior year,” she said.

Scott has already been accepted to UAB with a scholarship. Although her major is still somewhat undecided, she is leaning toward studying nursing.

“I want to get a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing,” she said. “I would like to get into physical therapy, but that is very competitive to get into that school.”

Some of the people that have affected Scott have been her parents, Thorsby Principal Principal Russ Bryan and Thorsby softball coaches Rachel Argent and Nicole Hilyer. However, she said the main reason why she has been successful is God.

“I want to give Him all the credit,” she said.

Scott has qualified for the state Bryant-Jordan Award, and she will be attending the annual banquet in Birmingham April 13.