Kids put ‘Math in Motion’

Published 1:05 am Saturday, January 31, 2009

Clanton Elementary students got the opportunity to see a different side of math yesterday morning.

“Math in Motion,” a participatory performance that investigates math concepts using music, movement and everyday objects, performed for the students and teachers.

The performance is designed to pose questions about math and links dance to the curriculum by investigating math concepts, exploring the meaning of math and showing that math can be tangible and understood.

The show is designed for elementary and middle school students.

Clanton Elementary School received a grant from the Rural School Touring Program 2009 to pay for the group to come.

“Math in Motion” is a program from the Children’s Dance Foundation. The performers are Mary Foshee, Shellie Chambers, Sycamore Toffel and Rhea Speights. All four performers have studied dance in college and are involved in dance programs across the state.