Weight management classes offered locally

Published 11:03 pm Monday, January 26, 2009

Curves of Clanton is offering free weight management classes to teach its proven method for losing weight and raising metabolism. More studied than any other program, Curves’ classes are based on the groundbreaking new research findings of the Exercise Sport Nutrition Laboratory at Texas A University. Now, the women of Clanton can learn the powerful secret that has helped millions of women lose millions of pounds and keep them off for good. Classes are open to members and non-members.

Classes include:

Start-Up Class (90 minutes) for first-time participants.

Phase 3 (30 minutes) to teach the last and most important stage of the Curves Weight management Plan and the secret that makes the plan work.

Special Topics Classes (30 minutes) will cover a different topic each month, including Smart Grocery Shopping, Choosing the Right Carbohydrates, Eating Out, Emotional Eating and more.

Classes will be taught by Curves’ Registered Dietitian, Nadia Rodman, and facilitated by Ann Hughes/Owner, certified in Nutrition, Kinesiology and Weight Management, through a series of DVDs that will alternate teaching with hands-on activities. Participants will be encouraged to make a weekly appointment to weigh in with their weight management coach, who will provide accountability. 

All classes are free to members and non-members, but participants will be able to take advantage of special pricing on essential tools that will enhance their success. Participants can purchase a bundle including: a bottle each of Curves’ multivitamin and Curves’ calcium supplements, a can of Curves’ protein shake, and a copy of the new book “The Curves Fitness Weight Management Plan.” Products are available for purchase separately and no purchase is required to attend classes.

“We’re excited to be offering free weight management classes,” said Ann Hughes, owner of Curves of Clanton. “This dynamic program and the book are brand-new, and packed with cutting-edge information and lots of practical advice that women can use immediately. Every woman who is even thinking about losing weight should definitely check out the free classes.”

Curves of Clanton will be offering classes Saturday January 24th, 2009  at 9:00 am.

For more information, contact Amanda Aldridge at 205-280-7202.