Local law enforcement advancing for the better

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 25, 2009

Law enforcement, like many fields, is ever-changing because of technology and the growth of communities. We are seeing this kind of transformation take place before our eyes here in Chilton County.

For example, local law enforcement agencies are starting to install digital cameras in their patrol cars. These are more efficient than their non-digital counterparts that run only when a car’s flashing lights are on. The digital cameras run continuously once they are turned on and can store up to 28 hours of footage.

Why are these cameras needed, you might ask? They provide valuable evidence, for one. They also come in handy should an officer ever become injured during a stop. They also provide indisputable proof of an officer’s actions in cases where a city might be liable.

As our world continues to become more digital, we will see more and more changes like this. Many of these changes are necessary because they are state mandated. It’s good to know that our local police officials are on top of these changes.

Unfortunately, change is expensive. But fortunately, there are new ways our law enforcement agencies can save money. Clanton’s Jefferson State Community College campus served as a center for police training this past week.

In the past, this kind of training was available only outside of our county and, as a result, was much more expensive. We are already benefiting from this new facility and will continue to see these kinds of benefits.