Learning more than drafting design

Published 10:11 pm Friday, January 23, 2009

Typically each year, the instructor and students of Drafting Design at the W.A. “Bing” LeCroy Career Technical Center select one or two needy families to purchase a dinner for Thanksgiving and gifts for Christmas. This year was no different except that the students chose to forego the expense of their annual Christmas party and give that money to needy families in forms of Christmas gifts.

“We raised money through our annual gas raffle, and students and instructors donated gifts and money,” instructor Josh Phillips said. “This year’s goal was for each student to pick a needy family that was local to their school. We would then compile those families and choose from there.”

Most of the “Secret Santa” work was done after school had let out for the holidays. The gifts were given out on Christmas Eve to five different needy families. One family was a single mother and three little girls that had lost everything in a fire just before Christmas. Two families were chosen from a list at the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department. The other gifts were handed out at various businesses around Chilton County, such as Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Dollar General and a couple of local gas stations, to families that looked like they might need a little help this year.

“Seeing the faces of each of the recipients was well worth all the sacrifice of time and money,” Phillips added. “I was proud of each student’s desire and excitement to help others. The students far exceeded my personal goal this year, and they deserve all the credit for setting and meeting this goal.”