Aaron and Davis Ratliff — Isabella High School

Published 10:31 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being a twin isn’t all that bad. Aaron and Davis Ratliff have been enjoying this school year together. Both boys have most of their classes together and share many common goals and activities that help keep their brotherly bond close.

Aaron loves Ag and P.E while Davis enjoys Ag and history class.

Both boys are in school clubs and play sports. They do seem do seem to differ in the types of clubs and sports they are interested in. Although both boys play football, Aaron plays baseball while Davis is thinking about running track.

Aaron is a member of the Junior Beta club, SGA, Scholars bowl and FFA. Davis on the other hand is a member of only the Junior Beta club and FFA.

Together with their family including mother, Miriam; father, Mike and little brother, Chanley, the boys live on a farm.

“We have a good bit to do with cows, peaches and hay. Just about anything that you would normally find on a farm,” Aaron said.

The boys enjoy many of the same pastimes including fishing, hunting and riding 4-wheelers. During hunting season, the boys work at their family-owned deer processing business.

Both boys want to work in the sports field. Aaron wants to earn a degree in sports medicine and work in physical education while Davis wants to work in the sports field and major in agriscience.

“I would really like to learn more about sports while I earn a degree in agriscience,” Davis said.