Time will tell Obama’s legacy

Published 12:50 am Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If you watched the Inauguration of President Barack Obama yesterday, you watched an important part of American history. Most of the excitement seemed to come from the fact that Obama’s election gave hope to millions of minorities that they can achieve the same success in life as any other American.

But anyone, regardless of skin color, should be excited about the hope of a fresh start for our nation.

Undoubtedly, Obama’s face will be among the most recognizable as we look back through the Presidential canon.

But when the initial excitement fades, only the next four years will tell what kind of President he will be.

The presidents with the most celebrated legacies, such as Lincoln, seem to have their whole personas shaped by the media, art, and sheer popularity.

Of course, the events that took place during their presidencies and — more importantly — how they reacted to them were the basis for it all.

We have seen President Obama imitate some of these past presidents.

He placed his hand on Lincoln’s Bible, walked part of the parade route like Kennedy, and emulated FDR’s train ride.

But it almost seems as if we are trying to create Obama’s legacy for him before he has a chance to create it.

It’s great that we have elected our first black President, but we hope his administration gives us other reasons to mark this time in history.

As American citizens, we should want nothing short of success for President Obama. But before we call him a great president, let’s give him time to show that he is one.