Everybody wants some chili

Published 7:51 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Chilton Medical Center does some really fun things for the senior community in Chilton County. On thing that can be included in this is the exercise room.

Vanessa McKinney has been working as a coordinator for the senior center at the hospital for quite a while now. Through her years of service she has helped many seniors reach their goals.

This year she was proud to help raise money for the senior connection exercise room that has been under construction. Through word of mouth the seniors in town have slowly started gathering together to reach goals at senior connection. Together the group can exercise with support from each other. That in return helps them to reach goals they may other wise have never reached.

To help raise the money the hospital owes for the finished exercise room, they will be holding a chili day tomorrow.

The hospital cafeteria prepares lunch on a normal basis.

Friday the hospital will be serving up a special treat for the community.

They will be serving chili.

The hospital has been selling tickets for the event at $5 per ticket. All of the money goes toward the senior exercise room.

Everyone needs a place where they can meet with friends and enjoy company. For the county’s seniors this is that kind of place.

For anyone that really loves chili this would be an easy way to enjoy lunch while supporting the seniors in your community.