Drop out rate needs to change

Published 7:51 pm Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Editor,

Representative Jimmy Martin, thank you for the article about Alabama’s critical drop out rate. Our organization here in Clanton is involved in curtailing the drop out rate in Alabama. We also work with churches and community leaders.

At the Dr. King’s birthday celebration, police chief Brian Stilwell pledged to work with community leaders and others to insure all neighborhoods are safe and thriving. Stilwell and Mayor Billy Joe Driver pledged to be mentors to the children of Clanton especially West End in Clanton. I think it’s the grownup responsibility to get and keep our children on the straight and narrow path. I challenge all parents and government officials to get more involved in our children’s lives.

Visit different neighborhoods. Get to know parents, children and community members on a personal basis.

In my view this involvement in our children’s lives would slow the Alabama droop out rate.

Our different government agencies could participate in sports in the communities.

Bennie L. Chaney