Students discuss nation’s new leader

Published 10:03 pm Monday, January 19, 2009

The Presidential Inauguration is set to take place today. This event catches the eye of many people every year including college students.

With President-elect Barack Obama being sworn in, some college students are starting to have worries and doubts about how the ceremony will go.

“There have been many presidents shot at these things in the past, and this one is even bigger because of the race and religion issues that people have with Obama. I would have to say that I am a little bit worried about how well everything is going to go,” Jeff State student Sarah Adkins, 19, said.

The American History 202 class said they have come to terms with the election of Obama but many people haven’t.

“The people voted him in, and now everyone seems to have a problem with him. If he is who the people chose, then we should show him support,” Jeff State student Whitney Potts, 18, said.

The students said they did not see anything wrong with Obama being a leader; however, a few of them thought that because of things he believes in they are uneasy about him becoming president.

“We know that he is going to be the president. We know that he will have to go through a lot of laws to get some things changed, but the things about it is that it’s not the fact that he can get things changed or not. It’s about the fact that he has thoughts of changing some things that scares people,” Potts said.

Some things that the students have disagreed with the new president on are taking away guns, not saluting the flag and taking offense to our country’s national anthem.

“It is really hard for people to accept change, but that might be what people are going to have to do,” Jeff State student Zac Logan, 20 said.