Joining a team

Published 3:35 pm Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Right now is the perfect time to pick or create a Relay For Life team. The Chilton County Relay For Life held its kickoff on Jan. 12. After attending, I felt sad because I could see how many people were present, and it just seemed like instead of growing in numbers they were declining.

Relay For Life is a very important effort to raise money for a cure for cancer that people take part in across the country. Last year, Chilton County celebrated 15 years of Relay, and the local organization was proud to have reached that goal. This year marks the nation’s 25th year of Relay, and people everywhere are celebrating how much the Relay has helped the medical procedures that have been funded and created using the money that the Relay raises.

I, myself, am proud of the Relay For Life team and all of the people that put their best foot forward to help with the fight against cancer. With cancer being one of the top fatal diseases in the United States, it is good to know that somewhere, someone is helping to raise money to find new medicines and new procedures to fully demolish it.

The Relay For Life event is not one set up just for the people who have had or have cancer. Anyone who wants to help can take part in the event. It takes people from every race, every age and every location to help raise money and find cures.

The only way we can change the world is if we all work together. Relay For Life is a good way to get started.