No shortage of deer locally for hunters

Published 9:25 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There have been some complaints on the amount of deer that hunters have seen in or around Chilton County. According to some local hunters and hunting clubs, the deer population has seemed to be on the decline with fewer sightings.

Hunter Education Program Coordinator with Alabama Outdoors Ray Metzler said the deer population around his district had been fine this year.

“I am located in the district directly below Chilton County, and my son and I have probably seen more deer this year than we have in the past,” he said.

Metzler said that deer sightings come with the territory people are hunting in.

He added that people can have more or fewer sightings of deer based on their technique in hunting.

“A person hunting in a green field may not be as likely to see a deer as a person sitting in the woods or a person sitting in a deer stand because the deer in that hunting area may not be interested in eating out of the green field,” he said.

Through the year, deer change their diet to get ready for winter and — depending on the daytime and place that a person goes hunting — may make a big difference in the outcome of seeing a deer.

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