Get involved in the community

Published 6:47 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There are many charitable organizations that are helping out Chilton County. Some of the organizations are widely known, such as the United Way, Relay For Life, Chilton Education Foundation, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club and others, but there are many other groups that don’t get as much recognition.

One of those groups is the Alabama Power Energizers. This is a group of retired employees of Alabama Power Company that are active in the community, helping to raise money that is later donated to charitable organizations in the county.

Recently, they had what I would call a hotly contested fundraiser that pitted Alabama and Auburn against each other. They sold chances to win blankets for each of the respective schools. Auburn did get a slight win, but Chilton County college students will benefit from this fundraiser.

They are donating the proceeds from the quilt fundraiser to the Auburn and Alabama clubs in Chilton County for scholarships. These scholarships will be given to Chilton County students who are attending Alabama or Auburn. The Alabama scholarship won’t be given out this year because the Alabama Club is trying to build up an endowment so that they can give scholarships. The Auburn Club will be able to give the scholarship this year.

Energizers also do more than that. They donate money to many other charities and other community projects to help improve Chilton County. They also receive some money through the Alabama Power Foundation to distribute to local organizations.

Energizers are one of the many groups in our county making a difference. There are so many people who are improving our communities that it is too long to list them in one column.

Our challenge now is to become involved in our community, especially since everyone is facing difficult times. Even though we may not have a lot, we still have much more than people in other countries. So, I encourage you to get involved to help our community get better.