Now is the right time to be recycling

Published 8:35 pm Saturday, January 10, 2009

The current economic status has brought down many of the businesses that we have come to depend on every day. For some it has now become cheaper to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and even seeds for planting. This turn around in purchases could actually end up helping our environment.

Many large businesses have produced smoke and fumes over the years, and that has caused our environment to deteriorate. Our waste has created more and more problems.

It is possible that pollution of greenhouse gases has created some climate change. It could be responsible in part for larger more powerful storm systems, droughts causing problems with farmers and even the loss of winter days with temperatures as high as 60 and 70 on Christmas.

If everyone was to start now, making changes in their lives to create less trash and recycle more, then we could stop the situation from becoming worse.

By creating less trash, smog and fumes then the world may begin to recover from the pollution. Then, we may have to pay less money toward things like disaster relief, taxes and even production costs.

When the environment is working properly, we are able spend less money because we are able to produce enough food, water and electricity for everyone that needs it.

When the government is having to pay extra money to support relief sites and controlled environment growing stations because the environment is too bad to grow crops naturally then we are all having to pay the price by paying higher taxes, power bills, water bills and grocery bills.

Not only could it be more economical for everyone, but our environment will be a much better off for everyone to enjoy. That might be the biggest payoff for everyone.

If everyone pulls together and starts now then even the smallest steps can help to bring the world as we know it to a positive status again.