You didn’t have to steal it

Published 5:54 pm Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Editor,

It is so sad that during a season of love and giving (Christmas), that there is always someone who will cause us to stop and wonder just what makes some people tick.

So to the person who stole the Christmas arrangement from my mailbox, I really wonder about you. You had to take time to undo the wire with which it was attached, so undoubtably you were not concerned whether anyone saw you or not. I would just like to let you know that if you had wanted it bad enough to steal, I would have gladly given it to you if you had just come to my door and asked for it or even made you one that looked better.

For me, I forgive you and hope that you enjoy it; however, I do wonder what runs accross your mind each time you look at it, knowing how it was obtained.

May God bless and forgive you.

– Bernice Witt, Jemison