Don’t drive too fast in the rain

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, January 6, 2009

After several weeks of dry weather, the past few days the county has experienced an increase in the amount of rain it has received.

Though the rain is good for the environment and has helped to pull many parts of not only Alabama but also parts of the county out of a severe drought, the rain can cause other issues.

When a driver is used to driving on dry roads, then even a little rain can change the chances of the driver having a wreck. After long dry spells, the first amount of rain that lands on the roads creates a layer of slick oil. This oil can make a car lose traction, which in return can cause a driver to lose control.

Too much rain, on the other hand, can also create a problem since many roads retain water. Water retained on the road makes small pockets that can create suction, pulling your tires off of the road.

To keep yourself and other drivers safe while driving on the roadways over the next few rainy days, keep a few safety measures in mind:

When it is raining, always keep your lights on to ward oncoming cars that you are there. Through thick rain a car with their lights off has a better chance of being hit.

Drive a little slower than normal even if you are running late. When the roads are wet, a car has less traction and can easily lose its grip on the surface of the road.

Always wear your seat belt. Wearing your seat belt can make you safe even if you are involved in a wreck.

Keep a check on the tread on your tires. If a tire has low or worn tread, then it is more likely to not have the proper traction used for driving in the rain.