Why did you rob the church?

Published 8:05 pm Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear Editor,

Here is an open letter to the thieves that robbed First United Methodist Church of Clanton:

I want to start out by saying may God bless you in this life and your eternal life. Hatred and blame will get us nowhere on this earth and often blanket the true reasons behind our actions. I pray for you and those near and dear to you.

I sincerely hope that you and your friends needed that cash and those Angel Tree gifts to feed your families or a family who was in such destitute that their only means of survival was stealing money from a God loving church and taking gifts from needy families that have fallen on hard times. No, I do not condone your actions but rather I try to rationalize why someone could perform such a hideous act during this season of giving. You chose to take instead of give.

I pray that this act of theft was not for personal gain and/or to fund illegal activities. I can’t possibly fathom why anyone could or would do such a crime to genuinely good people. I pray for your souls.

At this time, I pray that your heart will change and the money and gifts will be returned. If you choose to do this and are in need, please ask for help. The same people that you stole from help folks like you everyday. In fact, if you choose to return the items and make right of your wrong doings, I will personally help your families if times are so bad that you can’t provide a warm meal or gifts for your children. All I will ask in return is your honesty.

You can right your wrong with God and the community. God Bless.

– J.M. Bingham, Clanton