Ohio company chosen for state broadband project

Published 3:24 pm Monday, January 5, 2009

MONTGOMERY — State officials have selected a Cincinnati company for a $1.7 million two-year contract to make Internet broadband service available in all areas of the state.

Currently Internet access is available through dialup access using telephone lines in most parts of the state. But that service is slow and sometimes unreliable.

Gov. Bob Riley says his broadband project will make higher speed Internet access using cables or wireless connections available across the state, even in rural areas. He said in most areas customers will still have to buy Internet access from providers like cable television or phone companies.

Riley said Monday the project would be funded mostly with federal grants.

The contract with CostQuest Associates will go before the Legislature’s Contract Review Committee for approval Thursday. The committee can delay contracts for up to 45 days, but can’t stop them.