Are things looking up in the car lot?

Published 11:36 pm Saturday, January 3, 2009

Those who make their living selling automobiles had a difficult year in 2008. The automobile industry is one of the focal points of our economic slump. At the heart of it are the Big Three – General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Corporation. Across the nation, we have seen cuts and resulting layoffs everywhere from major plants down to dealerships.

Owners of local dealerships are trying to be as positive as they can. While dealers in small communities like ours are probably not affected as much as those in urban areas, they have still seen a drop in business.

The good news for the consumer is this is a good time to buy a car, but in recent years foreign manufacturers have begun to overtake domestic competitors in sales.

Ultimately, American companies will have to make smaller, more affordable cars without compromising the quality and safety available to the consumer.