Things to check to start 2009

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting out this new year in a safe manner can help you have better year in 2009.

Though you may be used to living in your home the way it is, this year you may want to take some time out to check a few things, such as the plugs in your home.

This might not be the most important thing on your mind right now, but there are some things that can ruin your year, such as a house fire. Every year, you should take just a few hours out of one day to check and make sure that everything in your home is ready for another year. During the seasons, we use different items in our house to either keep us warm or cool us off. While those items are not in use, they can become unsafe due to dust build-up or even age.

By taking some time to check your appliances, plugs and wiring, you can save a lot of hassle, time and money that you might have had to spend in the new year.

“It is a good idea to check the batteries in your smoke detectors by pressing the alarm button to make sure they are still good at least once a month,” Clanton Fire Chief David Driver said. “You always want to make sure that you are not overusing any plugs or extension cords.”

When you are checking over your appliances, you want to watch for bad places in the cord or for bent plugs. If the cord or plug is not in good condition, discontinue use until it is repaired.

When checking outlets, make sure you look for cracked or loose covers.

Anything that can create a fire needs to be replaced.

When checking your wiring, you want to look for old wires that may need to be replaced as well as loose wiring that is either not in use or may have become dislodged and needs to be put back in its proper place.

By checking these few things, you may can prevent a deadly fire, which in return will help to make you have a happier new year.