2009 can be different if we work together

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, January 1, 2009

As the 2008 year comes to an end, most people have started to panic while trying to figure out what the new year will have to offer.

With the current economical status, it couldnt hurt to try a few old remedies to help insure that this coming year will be a good one.

A few things that people have said work is eating special foods. The most popular of the old rumors is eating black eyed peas will bring you good luck and eating greens will bring you wealth. This may or may not be true but on thing is for certain. It can never hurt to try.

There have been people who have used methods such as time capsules, where they take objects from the current year and bury them in order to make them disappear or to try and change their luck the second time around.

Others have written themselves letters telling them about mistakes that they made last year so they can try and fix things they have messed up or so they can work harder to make better decisions.

No matter what this new year has to offer for everyone, all we can do is work together to try and make things better than they were this year. If we continue to fight and keep ourselves separated then we will never be able to become one nation, united. If and only then will we all be able to enjoy life no matter what class we are and no matter how much money we make.

The new year will be everyone’s chance to start a new chapter in their lives.

This new chapter could mean a change in everyones lives.

As the new president takes seat we should all do what we can to make the transition and work together to make sure that even if he can’t take us all the way, we can make it through.