License renewals to begin in January

Published 9:30 pm Monday, December 29, 2008

The deadline for Chilton County merchants to purchase business licenses from Maplesville, Jemison, Thorsby and Clanton is Jan. 31.

Business license taxes for the City of Clanton are due Jan. 1 for the year 2009 and must be purchased on or before Jan. 31 to avoid late penalties.

Clanton City Clerk Debbie Orange said renewal forms were mailed to businesses that purchased licenses in 2008 recently. The forms allow business owners to compute license fees based on the businesses gross receipts through Dec. 31.

Companies with gross sales of $5,000 or less will be charged $35. Companies with gross sales of $90,000 but less than $100,000 will be charged $170.

Companies who report gross sales of more than $100,000 will be charged $170 for the first $100,000 in sales and $1 per thousand for sales over $100,000.

A $5 issuance fee will be charged for each license purchased.

A 15 percent late penalty will be charged on licenses purchased after Jan. 31 but before Feb. 28, 2009. A 25 percent late penalty will be charged on licenses purchased after Feb. 28, 2009.

Thorsby Clerk Denise Gunn said business licenses in Thorsby are also due Jan. 1 and should be purchased on or before Jan. 31, 2009 to avoid penalties.

“After Jan. 31 a 15 percent penalty is imposed on those who do not purchase their license by Jan. 31,” she said adding that the penalty increases to 30 percent if the licenses are purchased after Feb. 28.

Those who purchased Thorsby business licenses in 2008 have been mailed notices that licenses should be purchased in January. The minimum charge for a business license in Thorsby is $35.

The minimum business license sold by the City of Jemison is $85, according to City Clerk Mary Ellison. Business licenses in Jemison are due January 1 and are delinquent after Jan. 31.

Those who do not renew Jemison business licenses by Jan. 31 will be charged a 15 percent penalty. Those who do not renew until after Feb. 28 will be charged a 25 percent penalty.

There is a 10 percent late fee charged to businesses in Maplesville that do not renew licenses before Feb. 1.

“There are a 15 percent charge if the license is not purchased before March 1 and a $35 percent fee for those who do not renew their license by March 31,” Maplesville Town Clerk Shelia Haigler said.

There is also an $8 issuance fee for each license in Maplesville.

Haigler said Maplesville licenses are due for all businesses except insurance companies on Jan. 1. Licenses for insurance companies are due after March 1.