FD chief: Don’t let kids play with fireworks

Published 6:01 pm Friday, December 26, 2008

Every year, there are calls about a house fire or a grass fire due to the use of fireworks. One of the main reasons for these calls is misuse, mostly by children.

Each firework comes with specific instructions that tell you how to shoot it and the proper process of disposing of it.

“Every year, we get a call or two about fires due to fireworks, and we just like to urge people to watch what they are doing when they are using fireworks,” Clanton Fire Department Chief David Driver said. “If you decide to shoot fireworks for the holiday, make sure you follow the directions on the packages.”

Driver also said children should not be allowed to shoot fireworks because it could not only be dangerous to them but also to the people and structures around them.

“Be careful to supervise your children when they are using fireworks. If a firework is more than just a sparkler, serious burns and injury can occur,” Driver said.

When using fireworks, you should be at least 15 feet away from all buildings and large bodies of trees. Sparklers and non-shooting fireworks are permitted within the city; however, if you are within city limits, then shooting fireworks can be the source of a nice holiday fine to start off the new year.