Writing to Santa

Published 9:00 pm Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas tradition that kids still take part in today is writing letters to Santa.

Of course with new high tech ways of getting that letter to Santa, the post office is not as busy as it used to be.

Jemison Elementary students said they really enjoy writing letters to Santa and that they get to spend time thinking about what they want so they can write the letter themselves without their moms and dads help.

“I write my letter all year. I work on it all the time thinking up the things that I want and changing things that I get before Christmas,” second grader Jake Thrash said.

Unlike most kids who send their letter to Santa through the mail, Thrash seals his letter and leaves it with the milk and cookies that he set out for Santa.

“I leave my letter for Santa to find because I write him a real letter and talk to him and then I write down my list of stuff so that he can get it out of his magic bag while it’s fresh on his mind,” he said.

Of course all of the kids made sure to list off the items on their lists including video games, movies, bikes, clothes and candy.

“I like getting new clothes for Christmas and I would really like to get a puppy this year,” Logan Woodley said. “But I don’t think that Santa’s bag has those in there.”

Colin Hayes said that he really enjoyed writing a letter to Santa instead of sending him an email letter like some of his friends did because it takes him more time to create his list.

With today’s technology more and mor,e kids are writing to Santa using his web site www.SantaClaus.com. Children who uses this web site quite often receive an email reply from either Santa or one of his elves.