Two out of three ain’t bad for Carter

Published 2:10 pm Saturday, December 20, 2008

Noah’s Moto Park was the location on Dec. 14 of an exciting motoscramble, which is a motorcycle and quad race that consists of parts of the motorcross track and some wooded trails.

The total length of the course was 4 miles, and the majority of the classes rode 2- to 4-lap motos.

The races began with the Open Class and 10 contenders for the win. Tyler Carter won both motos handily with Keenan Sanders placing second on the day, Kevin DeLoach third and Jacob Hulsey fourth.

Connor Barrett won the 50cc class, Kyler Godwin claimed first in the 7-9 65cc class, and Alex Kendrick won the 10-11 65cc class.

Tripp Johnson won both motos of the 125-230cc class with Frank Reynolds claiming second on the day and Dallas Prescott third.

Logan Nichols won the Small 4-stroke class. The Quads class had Zach Salter and Brandon Giles going 1 and 2 on the day in each moto.

The Utilities ATV class had Neal Moore winning, Anthony Draime second, and Boo Boo Farley third.

Neal Ousley was on the gas and won both motos of the 85-100cc class. Landon Barrett and Deven George finished second and third, respectively. The Money Run was the last race of the day. There was only one moto for this event, and Keenan Sanders got the holeshot but was passed quickly by Tyler Carter.

Carter led until an unfortunate crash allowed Sanders to overcome the deficit and take the lead. By the time Carter was able to get his bike cranked and on the gas again, too much time had elapsed for him to be able to regain the lead.

Carter won 2 out of 3 motos on the day. Sanders would win the money run with Carter second, DeLoach third, Jason Brasington fourth and Tripp Johnson fifth.

The darkness had overtaken the skies about the same time that the last rider was across the finish line. Thanks to Noah Bohanan and his crew for putting on an event that true fans of the sport could enjoy.