Clanton Elementary goes to the dogs

Published 10:04 pm Friday, December 19, 2008

Students in Maria Porter’s first grade class at Clanton Elementary School were the winners of a school-wide food drive held recently to bring in much-needed donations for Chilton Animal Rescue.

“All of the students at Clanton Elementary did a wonderful job and donated so many items to help us help animals, but the students in Mrs. Porter’s class really went above and beyond — they are just great,” Chilton Animal Rescue president, Colleen Kennedy, said.

The winning class received a pizza party as the prize for their hard work. Pictured with the students is Mary Ann Nolen, substitute teacher for the class.

Donations included canned and dry food for dogs and cats, leashes, collars and other assorted items that will assist the C.A.R. volunteers in their work.

“Our volunteers assist the Chilton County Humane Society in finding temporary foster homes for dogs and puppies, transporting animals to other shelters in other states, and educating the public about the huge pet overpopulation problem that plagues Chilton County, the state and really the whole country,” Kennedy said. “All of these activities require large amounts of food and supplies, and these donations really help us help the animals.”