Protect yourself this holiday

Published 8:20 pm Thursday, December 18, 2008

There are many things that can go wrong during the holiday. Your Christmas presents could be stolen, you could not have the money to buy the things you need to buy, you might not have the time to purchase all of the gifts on your list, or you may lose gifts and memories in a holiday fire.

Most of these tragedies can be prevented with the right steps. You can prevent a burglary by keeping your Christmas to yourself. That doesn’t mean be selfish and keep presents only for you. That means if you have an open window in your house where your Christmas tree is sitting make sure you don’t place all of your gifts where people can see them.

Never place gifts in an open back seat where passersby can see them. It’s a known fact that burglars will break into a home or vehicle where they can visually see objects opposed to those they can’t see objects in.

A person can prevent losing gifts and memories to a holiday fire through multiple practices. One thing that is most common over the holidays is over filled extension cords. These cords are created to hold only a certain amount of electricity and should not be overused.

You can also check your Christmas tree and ornaments to make sure they are safe to use. All real trees should be fresh with few to no needles falling off when the tree is bumped or moved.

If a real tree is too dry then it can become an even bigger fire hazard. Ornaments on your tree should be fire resistant.

Although you can’t plant a money tree to help out your financial problems and there is no time machine to travel back in time and do your Christmas shopping, you can help to make your holiday better by keeping your family and home safe from burglary and fire.