A baby changes everything

Published 5:41 pm Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It has been a rough time of year for many people. With Christmas just around the corner, some families are starting to feel the pressure of trying to provide a real Christmas including presents and a family dinner.

For some this seems to be impossible. The truth is that everyone should stop for a second and think about what they are trying to do for Christmas. What is the most important thing on your list to complete?

On top of a lot of people’s lists is to finish buying presents. The funny thing about that is Christmas isn’t about presents.

It has been a while since I heard a song about the birth of Jesus, but this year I have heard two that I have found to be very touching. The first was a song called “The First Nightingale’s Song,” and the second was called “A Baby Changes Everything.”

Christmas started a long time ago when a little baby boy was born to a virgin mother.

This baby was a gift to the world and he received gifts, but it is his birth that we celebrate when we celebrate the Christmas holiday, not the tradition of giving presents that was started many years later.

I know that for the Christmas holiday I still buy presents to give to my family members, but we always make sure we find time to celebrate that special little bundle of joy that changed the world. When your family is sitting down to have dinner or when you wake up to watch your kids and grandkids open up their Christmas presents, take a few minutes to talk about the true reason for Christmas even if it’s only a quick story of how baby Jesus was born and what he meant to the world.

Sometimes the best gift we can give is a gift of love, which can only come from those who truly care about each other. I can’t wait to spend the holidays with the people I love just so I can show them how much I care. I hope you feel the same way throughout the season too.